Bloodroot, Bohn, Mardja or Meen is an underground plant that has a hot flavour. Used in oil and powder form, bloodroot has a brilliant red colour and adds a depth of spice to many Fervor dishes. It is common to all of Noongar Country along the coast and inland to Kojonup.


Crocodile is common in the northern countries of the continent and sourced from the North West. A white meat that recalls poultry and seafood, it has a firm flesh with a mild flavour. Served as a savoury dish at Fervor dinners, crocodile is a way for diners who appreciate subtlety to celebrate native cuisine. 


Emu is integral to Fervor’s palette. A dark poultry, with a rich and delicate flavour, we use it in many preparations and as a centerpiece of our dinners on country. Found in many places in Western Australia, emu is a staple on our menu.

Green Tree Ant

Green Tree Ant is an insect found in the coastal tropics of the continent from Rubibi in the west to Nurimbra. With a zesty flavour that reminds the diner of spiced citrus, Fervor uses them in deserts, drinks and savoury dishes to give the dishes an extra zing.

“Look after country and country will look after you.”

Honey Ant

Honey Ant is an insect that stores an edible nectar in its body. They are prevalent in desert regions, and are an iconic and significant food for many traditional custodians. With a sweet liquid from the ant itself, honey ant is used sparingly to elevate specific Fervor dishes.


Kangaroo is a red meat found all across the continent and forms a key part of the Fervor menu. Sustainably sourced from the Great Southern, we use it in stocks, broths, sauces and as a main dish in stews, steaks and tartare. Kangaroo is delicious, an accessible entry point for native cuisine.


Kulyu is a climbing tuber plant with edible roots. Foraged from inland regions, kulyu has a flavour similar to sweet potato with a nutty finish. Fervor uses it fresh, roasted, steamed, and in savoury and sweet dishes.


Marron is a freshwater crustacean found on Noongar Country, especially Minang, Pibelman, Wadandi, Pindjarup and Kaneang Country. With a black or blue outer shell and a white meat, marron is sweet in flavour. Fervor cooks it over coals and in seafood dishes with native nuts, herbs and vegetables.


Quandong is a popular and flavoursome fruit common in the central deserts and southern areas of the continent. With a tart and sweet flavour, Fervor uses it fresh and dehydrated, especially paired with cheeses and meats for mains and desserts.


Wattleseed is the edible seed of more than one hundred acacia varieties. Used in bread, drinks and as a flavouring, wattleseed has a rich taste similar to coffee and cocoa. Fervor  prepare wattleseed in miso, popcorn crumb and breads, with careful attention paid to highlighting its strength.


Youlk is a tuber root most often compared to radish and carrot. With a golden colour and a sweet flavour that has hints of eucalyptus, youlk can be eaten fresh and cooked. It is found most often near Cocanarup.

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Kaya. From our home on the Wadandi beaches to the Yawuru wetlands to the Ballardong plains to the Gija gorges, we love this Country. We pay our respects to Nature, to Ancestors and to Elders, from the time when the world was soft until tomorrow when the sun rises again. We are grateful to the place and the people who are the traditional custodians, and acknowledge that our work is a celebration of the care for Country that matters to us all. Fervor says thank you Boodja.