Private Events

Fervor is committed to offering excellence everywhere we are and whomever we collaborate with. We have delivered exceptional food and attentive service for private clients, including for weddings and anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and for work events in a variety of locations. This is possible with our roving set up, which means we can provide you with a Fervor experience no matter where you are. From cocktail functions to sit down long table degustations, Fervor can provide an incomparable food event for you.

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Kaya. From our home on the Wadandi beaches to the Yawuru wetlands to the Ballardong plains to the Gija gorges, we love this Country. We pay our respects to Nature, to Ancestors and to Elders, from the time when the world was soft until tomorrow when the sun rises again. We are grateful to the place and the people who are the traditional custodians, and acknowledge that our work is a celebration of the care for Country that matters to us all. Fervor says thank you Boodja.