TedX Perth – How indigenous food connects us to country and cultureTedX Perth

Chef Paul Iskov knows food is more than a fuel for the belly: It’s a way to remind us to celebrate our culture and break down social barriers. Paul Iskov has worked in the world’s most acclaimed kitchens from Coi in San Francisco, DOM in Sao Paolo to Noma in Copenhagen. He now runs Fervor, a pop-up dining experience. As a leading authority on Australian native food, he’s putting ingredients like honey ants, quandong and bush banana (ngamoorrwarding) on the map and on our plates.

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Kaya. From our home on the Wadandi beaches to the Yawuru wetlands to the Ballardong plains to the Gija gorges, we love this Country. We pay our respects to Nature, to Ancestors and to Elders, from the time when the world was soft until tomorrow when the sun rises again. We are grateful to the place and the people who are the traditional custodians, and acknowledge that our work is a celebration of the care for Country that matters to us all. Fervor says thank you Boodja.